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Colorado Avid Cyclist” is a lifestyle blog about bike touring, biking, and other adventures. It’s a place to read stories about cycling in Colorado and around the world, get inspired to take an adventure of your own, and find reviews of bikes and gear from a cyclist’s perspective.
We’re regular people who have found a passion for biking and want to help others find the same enjoyment. So whether you’re into mountain biking or touring with your family, there should be something here that can get you into an adventure too.
shimano ultegra recall
Mechanic's Tips

The Shimano Ultegra Recall-Is Your Bike Affected?

Is Your Bike Affected?  In this weeks installment of “Tech-Tips”, Justin Bolinger of I Know A Guy Bicycles answers the question. Click and watch  “Shimano Ultegra/Dura-Ace 11-Speed Crankset Recall Explained! 6-Month Update”Full Video : Recent

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lube a bicycle chain best practices
Mechanic's Tips

How to Lube a Bike Chain-Best Practices

Your Bike Chain is the key to your drivetrain.  It is what transfers energy from your engine, (legs, pedals, crank arm, front chain ring ) to the back wheel, where the rubber meets the road. 

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should you ride the triple bypass in colorado
Feature Articles

Should you ride the Triple Bypass?

The post Should you ride the Triple Bypass? appeared first on Bicycle Colorado. I love to ride bikes and have for almost 30 years now. Name the type of bike—cruiser, mountain, road, gravel—and I’ve likely

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frost bite time trial brent murphy

Frost Bite Time Trial Pics Are Up at RacerShots!

Hey racers! RacerShots kicked off our 2024 season today at the annual Frostbite Time Trial!Check out Brent Murphy’s Frostbite TT photos online right here:…/2024-03-16-Frostbite…And make sure to head over to to find your race photos

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fat biking in colorado (2)
Feature Articles

Fat Biking in Colorado

Colorado consistently ranks as one of the healthiest states in America. It is no surprise, then, that Coloradans are smitten with an outdoor winter activity that sounds insane to those in less active climes: fat

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velocoach 600
featured business

VeloCoach-Taking You To The Next Level

Cyclists, maybe even more than other types of athletes, consistently want to improve. Today, we have coaches available for almost every part of our life. Spiritual, life, career, weightlifting, swimming, etc. Cycling is no different.

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Clipped in.
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