That’s It for Kona Bikes? Kona Mysteriously Leaves Sea Otter Expo

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Is this the end of the line for Kona Bikes? 

Earlier this week, CEO of Kent Outdoors, the company that bought Kona from its founders in 2022, called the Kona employees in Monterey this week and told them to break down the display and not have a presence at the expo.

We have a great and informative take from the newest contributor to Colorado Avid Cyclist,  Justin Bolinger in this video.  Justin, owner and founder of I Know A Guy Bicycles.  Justin, a life long bike mechanic, has taken his passion and put it into a business rebuilding bikes, to a very successful repair business,  to an equally successful YouTube Channel.  

You will read more about him in an upcoming article where I was able to sit down and talk to Justin for an afternoon and watch him work.

But today, enjoy our first feature video where he gives his take on the the recent drama surrounding KONA Bikes….

We are thrilled to have Justin, and I Know a Guy Bicycles aboard adding a new flavor to our community at Colorado Avid Cyclist.

Make sure to subscribe to his YouTube Channel Here.


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