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If you appreciate the hustle that goes into Colorado Avid Cyclist and its Social Communities, and if you enjoy the community that we support and also reach out to, we want to invite you to become an advertiser or patron supporter of the site. 

As you all know, Colorado is one of the most active and engaging cycling communities in the nation and is considered to have one of the most active grassroots, not just racing, but riding scenes in the country.  With rides like The Triple Bypass, The Copper Triangle, Tour of the Moon, Tour de Vineyard and  Colorado’s Ride, Colorado has become an epicenter of rides that welcome cyclists of all levels of passion for riding. 

Colorado Avid Cyclist is financially supporting and sponsoring ride collective sponsorship post several of these events produced by The Ride Collective and benefitting various charities including:

In addition, we give a considerable support to Bicycle Colorado, a nonprofit advocacy organization championing the interests of all bicycle bicycle colorado 300riders statewide.  Their mission is to make Colorado a better place to bike, and we will continue to support them this year and years to come. 

We also partner with several contributors to bring you articles and podcasts from many aspects of cycling.  And you will see that range of topics grow as we expand and build the community.  We are hosting a new and comprehensive directory is in place and will soon have over 500 listings of bike shops, rental stores, other business related to cycling as well as “eateries and drinkeries”  that are supporters and great places to ride to, or end up. after a ride.  

Our event page grows daily as we encourage and add not only large cycling events, but club rides, as well as any cycling related expo, or demo event. 

This site has been a project of our passion for cycling.  Building this site, and attending and sponsorship of events is funded by the site itself.  Our funds are raised through advertising, patron supporters, and our newly released CAC Store.  All advertisers and supporters are not only given great banner recognition on our page, but will also be recognized and have presence at every event that we attend and support.  We also recognize them with posts on both of our Facebook pages.  

If you appreciate the hustle that goes into Colorado Avid Cyclist,  please consider advertising your business, or supporting CAC.  

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Colorado Avid Cyclist” is a lifestyle blog about bike touring, biking, and other adventures. It’s a place to read stories about cycling in Colorado and around the world, get inspired to take an adventure of your own, and find reviews of bikes and gear from a cyclist’s perspective.
We’re regular people who have found a passion for biking and want to help others find the same enjoyment. So whether you’re into mountain biking or touring with your family, there should be something here that can get you into an adventure too.

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