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Colorado Avid Cyclist” is a lifestyle blog about bike touring, biking, and other adventures. It’s a place to read stories about cycling in Colorado and around the world, get inspired to take an adventure of your own, and find reviews of bikes and gear from a cyclist’s perspective.
We’re regular people who have found a passion for biking and want to help others find the same enjoyment. So whether you’re into mountain biking or touring with your family, there should be something here that can get you into an adventure too.

Hillary Allen – A Comeback Story

 Hillary Allen, A Comeback Story World class Ultra Runner Hillary Allen in 2017 was at the top her sport. Hillary was competing in Norway’s Tromso Skyrace, a 57k running event in highly technical alpine terrain.

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Celebrating Diversity In The Cycling Community

Cycling Culture and Diversity There is a cycling culture. People who ride bikes share similar beliefs, values, and traditions. Cycling is a sport that white people have historically dominated. However, some recent changes in cycling

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