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Colorado Avid Cyclist” is a lifestyle blog about bike touring, biking, and other adventures. It’s a place to read stories about cycling in Colorado and around the world, get inspired to take an adventure of your own, and find reviews of bikes and gear from a cyclist’s perspective.
We’re regular people who have found a passion for biking and want to help others find the same enjoyment. So whether you’re into mountain biking or touring with your family, there should be something here that can get you into an adventure too.
cross training sports for cycling (2)

Cross Training Sports for Cycling

5 Most Useful Cross-Training Sports for Cycling There are so many reasons to cross-train. It’s a great injury prevention tool. It’s great for conditioning your core, upper body, and increasing balance, endurance, and power. It

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buffalo and sweet potato tacos
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Buffalo & Sweet Potato Tacos

Buffalo Meets Sweet Potatoes Both of these fillings are very easy to make and cook quickly.  You can ratchet up the heat by using more jalapenos or adding some a little more cayenne pepper or

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colorado bike law
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What To Do in Case of a Crash

What to do in the case of a crash by: Bicycle Colorado We all hope we won’t get into a crash. Until and unless the safety status quo on our streets changes, there is a chance

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superfoods for cyclists (1)
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7 Superfoods for Cyclists

These 7 power foods can boost your energy or help you recover after your ride. On a basic level, food serves as fuel for your workouts—but not all forms of fuel are equal in terms

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