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Colorado Avid Cyclist” is a lifestyle blog about bike touring, biking, and other adventures. It’s a place to read stories about cycling in Colorado and around the world, get inspired to take an adventure of your own, and find reviews of bikes and gear from a cyclist’s perspective.
We’re regular people who have found a passion for biking and want to help others find the same enjoyment. So whether you’re into mountain biking or touring with your family, there should be something here that can get you into an adventure too.
womens cycling clubs
Clubs, Teams, & Organizations

Find Your Females-Only Ride Squad

By Kate Agathon… Since it is National Women’s Month, we thought it would be appropriate to give a shout out to some of the great cycling groups that are for women.  Interested in bikepacking? Or

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the ride collective aquires outside cycling events

The Ride Collective Acquires Outside Cycling Events

The Ride Collective Acquires Outside Cycling Events February 13, 2023 Veteran event directors create new entity to grow Colorado’s leading portfolio of road, gravel, and mountain bike events. Boulder, Colorado (February 13, 2023) /ENDURANCE SPORTSWIRE/

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the hardest triathalon you've ever heard of
Feature Articles

The Hardest Triathlon You’ve NEVER Heard Of

The Hardest Triathlon You’ve Never Heard Of After a self-supported adventure during COVID lockdowns, a Colorado triathlete is trying to bring an epic challenge to more competitors. FEBRUARY 27, 2023 JONATHAN DORN Spring 2020: The COVID-19

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without limits productions
Feature Articles

Multi-Sport is Taking to the Gravel

By Sam Piccolotti The multi-sport world continues to evolve and one of the latest evolutions is following the growing surge in gravel biking. The multi-sport world is getting dusty. The sport of Gravel Triathlon has

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paleomg coffee marinated steak fajitas
food and drink

PaleOMG Coffee Marinated Steak Fajitas

If you are a paleo guy or girl, and you love coffee, and love fajitas…this recipe will put you in heaven.  The prep time is short, the cook time is shorter…but let the beef marinate

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why do i need a coach

Do I Need a Cycling Coach?

by Gary Robinson, Colorado Avid Cyclist Why Have a Cycling Coach? Just over 5 years ago, I had to have a partial (medial) knee replacement.  Knowing my days of CrossFit were over, cycling became my

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truth about numb hands

The Truth About Numb Hands

The Truth About Numb Hands Tom Danielson, CINCH Cycling Are you still shaking your hands out on the group rides trying to get some circulations back in those things you need to steer the bike

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cycling colorado in fall
Feature Articles

Cycling Colorado in the Fall

Tips to Enjoy Fall on 2 Wheels By: Geffen Semach 93 degrees yesterday…and 59 today.  A sign of 2 things: 1. You live in Colorado, and it is FALL.  A time of great color and

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skratch labs featured business (10)
featured business

The Accidental Success

The company that was an “accidental success”  Skratch Labs was originally founded by Pro Cycling Tour Coach and Exercise Physiologist, Allen Lim, and Co-founder, Ian MacGregor.  The company itself  is a self-proclaimed work in progress.

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