Colorado Winter Clothing Guide

By Tom Danielson, CINCH Cycling

This past weekend reminded us that here in Colorado, the seasons change as fast as costumes in a Taylor Swift show, (ok, bad example). 

Are you confused on what to wear as we move into these colder months? I’ve been there too. 

I’ve created this step by step guide to take you from Summer to winter riding. 

(70-80 ºF) – Aka your ideal riding temperature. Not much needed here all you need is a    bib short and jersey.

(60-70ºF) – This is the time of year where you put on a sweater for work and are sweating by the afternoon. So we opt for a base layer under our jersey plus arm warmers.

(50-60ºF) – We add knee or leg warmers into the equation. The rule of thumb is that if it’s under 60 degrees we cover our knees. The cold can be hard on your tendons, so keeping this area warm will help prevent injury. I have also added a pocket vest and thin wool gloves.

(40-50ºF) – We keep our basics but switch out our pocket vest for a thicker vest or jacket. I would go neoprene or gore tex fabric. Castelli makes really great ones. Time to switch my wool gloves out for some thicker ones and add wool socks. I would also add a headband to cover my ears unless you are bald like my husband. I know it can get breezy up there if that’s the case you want a hat.

(30-40ºF) – It’s getting very chilly we’re pretending like we are going skiing. Switch out your jersey and bibs for a wool base layer and full length bib tight and thermal jacket. You want your head and feet to be insulated so add a beanie and waterproof shoe covers. 

(20-30ºF) – It will be under 30 degrees for the majority of the ride… You won’t see me outside likely!  But I see your crazies out there on your snow bikes. I would add a face covering, big lobster gloves and riding galoshes. 

*If I start my ride slightly uncomfortable that’s usually a good indicator that once I warm up it will be perfect. 

I hope this blog was helpful. Be sure to save this so you can refer back to it later

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