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Cyclists, maybe even more than other types of athletes, consistently want to improve. Today, we have coaches available for almost every part of our life. Spiritual, life, career, weightlifting, swimming, etc. Cycling is no different. Possibly it can be even more beneficial because there is the added dynamic of fitness of the body and the “fit” of the machine, the bicycle.  screenshot 2024 01 10 084831

It’s a new year and the start of the cycling season is just around the corner. Now is the time to improve your performance and make this your best season ever. To do this, if you are considering hiring a coach, ask yourself 4 questions:

  1. Am I currently improving as an athlete?
  2. Ami committed to Improving my performance?
  3. Do I have the time?
  4. Am I willing to listen?

It’s an important consideration, because an effective coach can provide you with three benefits: Knowledge, Objectivity, and Inspiration. Our “Featured Business of the Month” provides all of these.  VeloCoach, founded and owned by Vint Schoenfeldt provides one-on-one coaching plans as well as structured prebuilt training plans to cater to every level of cyclist, and their individual goals.

Vint believes cycling should be fun. Fun can be defined differently for different athletes, so a clear understanding of each individual’s goals and purpose drives his coaching structure. He believes that the act of setting goals is important, but without the proper systems in place, goals cannot be met. The important part is the system structure which builds a framework to accomplish those goals.

Meet the Coach

downloadDr. Vint Schoenfeldt has been involved in cycling for 35+ years, racing, training, and coaching. He started riding after becominggreg lemond inspired by Greg Lemond’s Tour de France victories in the mid to late 1980’s. Since that time, he has raced extensively in the US and Europe.

He quickly fell in love with cycling and decided to study exercise physiology in college to specifically understand how to improve cycling performance. This study led him to earn a Doctorate degree in physiotherapy where his special research involved studying different foot positions on the pedal to affect muscle firing patterns in the lower extremities. He went on to work as a Team Physiotherapist for the US Mountain Bike Team at the World Championships. 

His physiotherapist practice includes bicycle fitting as well as treating a sports/orthopedic caseload which includes cyclists. He teaches the use of blood flow restriction nationally and implements this amazing tool into training on the bike to improve strength and gain the cardiovascular benefits that improve performance. 

He is also a Certified Strength & Conditioning Specialist through the National Strength & Conditioning Association, a USA Cycling Certified Coach, and he is TrainingPeaks Level 2 Credentialed.




Every cyclist, from the weekend warrior to the professional rider, has different goals, different experience, different physiology, a different background, a different life situation, and different reasons for riding, so no “one size fits all” approach should be taken with training. Specific structure should be built around the individual’s available time to train, their abilities, and their goals. At VeloCoach, our coaches apply the science of training with the art of adjusting to individual variations with all our athletes so they achieve optimal results.

Vint’s Schoenfeldt’s training approach is based on the principles of cycling sport science and exercise physiology, but ultimately it will be training velocoachthe individual athlete’s response to different training modalities that determines the best approach. This response is closely monitored by quality data collection, analysis, and interpretation utilizing the WKO5 software to highly individualize each athlete’s training plan. Additionally, flexibility and adaptability are important. We can’t control everything that comes up in our lives. Training schedules need to be formulated with the athlete’s involvement and highly adaptable as needed to optimize life balance.

He will provide a structure and balance in training so the athlete has success and enjoys the process. Ultimately, the goal is to blend a structured training approach into an athlete’s daily life and reach their cycling goals while balancing their “off-the-bike” life. This equilibrium will set the athlete up for a happy, healthy, balanced lifestyle as they pursue their passion!

Pre-Built Training Plans

VeloCoach  also provides structured workouts of various intensity, and duration to accomplish your goals. All the plans are provided via the TrainingPeaks platform on your personal training calendar. A complete detailed analysis of every workout is viewable on your mobile app or computer. All workouts can be exported to a supported device as well as be performed on various virtual platforms indoors.

Vint and VeloCoach offer Free Consultations where you can discuss One-on-One, your experience, goals, and outlook and see if they are the right fit to take you to the next level.  


If you have any questions, please reach out to Velo Coach directly HERE. 


Check out their Website at

Dr. Vint Schoenfeldt’s Credentials 

Doctor of Physiotherapy (DPT)

Master of Physiotherapy (MPT)

BS Degree, Exercise Science

Certified Strength & Conditioning Specialist, NSCA

Board Certified in Orthopedics, APTA

Blood Flow Restriction, National Instructor

USA Cycling Certified Coach, USA Cycling

TrainingPeaks Level 2 Accredited Coach

Safe Sport Certified

USA Cycling Team Physiotherapist, US MTB Team at World Championships

Author, Bicycle Fitting System Manual, 1997

Author, A Perfect Fit, USA Cycling Magazine 2001

Fluent in Spanish (written and spoken)

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