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My passion for bikes started when my parents justin bolingeropened a shop in the 1980s, called Parker Bikes (we were located in Parker, Colorado). My love for cycling has continued since then, in my work and with my hobbies of road cycling and mountain biking. After my parents’ shop closed, I’ve worked for other bike shops (including Lee’s Cyclery in Fort Collins), where I’ve built and sold bikes, fixed and tuned-up bikes, and managed inventory.
I love working on bikes, and I want to share my passion of cycling with others. So, next time you’re talking cycling with someone and wondering how to get started or where to go from here, you can think, “I know a guy!”

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lube a bicycle chain best practices

How to Lube a Bike Chain-Best Practices

Your Bike Chain is the key to your drivetrain.  It is what transfers energy from your engine, (legs, pedals, crank arm, front chain ring ) to the back wheel, where the rubber meets the road.  That transfer of power can be hindered and weakened by a worn, or even a dirty and neglected chain.  In this week’s Tech Tip, Justin

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end of the line for kona bikes (1)

That’s It for Kona Bikes? Kona Mysteriously Leaves Sea Otter Expo

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nvBmXw23tvQ Is this the end of the line for Kona Bikes?  Earlier this week, CEO of Kent Outdoors, the company that bought Kona from its founders in 2022, called the Kona employees in Monterey this week and told them to break down the display and not have a presence at the expo. We have a great and informative take from

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