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Welcome to “Colorado Avid Cyclist”, a site for the Cycling Lifestyle.  This is a place for anyone who enjoys being on 2 wheels, no matter what age, abilities, passions, genre’ of cycling they enjoy.  We built this site to be a resource for anyone who rides a bike, as well as other outdoor fun.

Every month we highlight one business that is part of this culture we call “Cycling” that brings something new and fun to the table. This Month we are proud to feature Skratch Labs from Boulder, CO.  Below, you can read the story of how a secret recipe became a leader in sports nutrition.

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indoor cycling success

Setting Yourself Up for Virtual Cycling Success – Making it Functional

Setting Yourself Up For Virtual Cycling Success – Making it Functional Preparation is the key and this introduction to the virtues of indoor cycling will put you in a position to succeed. The Indoor Specialist season is upon us, and I, for one, am incredibly excited.  I am also thrilled by the opportunity to share my experience

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cycling colorado in fall

Cycling Colorado in the Fall

Tips to Enjoy Fall on 2 Wheels By: Geffen Semach 93 degrees yesterday…and 59 today.  A sign of 2 things: 1. You live in Colorado, and it is FALL.  A time of great color and great opportunities to catch them on a bike.  The fall season is a time of change. Some of it great – the leaves changing color, a new season for new endeavors, and a welcome relief from

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how to sell your bike

“Bike for Sale” What is the Best Way to Sell Your Bike

For whatever reason, you need to sell your bike, or one of your bikes.  You are upgrading?, no room for a 17th bike? Your significant other found out you added another?  Whatever the reason is, knowing the best, and safest way to sell a bike, especially a higher end bike, makes a big difference.   We will try to help you not just streamline the process, but also make sure your bike

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skratch labs featured business (10)

The Accidental Success

The company that was an “accidental success”  Skratch Labs was originally founded by Pro Cycling Tour Coach and Exercise Physiologist, Allen Lim, and Co-founder, Ian MacGregor.  The company itself  is a self-proclaimed work in progress. It started with a hydration drink the two were making for pro cycling teams at the time and  admit they were too lazy to actively sell their original secret drink mix.   But, what started as

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cross training sports for cycling (2)

Cross Training Sports for Cycling

5 Most Useful Cross-Training Sports for Cycling There are so many reasons to cross-train. It’s a great injury prevention tool. It’s great for conditioning your core, upper body, and increasing balance, endurance, and power. It gives your body time to properly recover. Unless you are a professional or totally training sport specific, cross-training allows for just great general fitness.  After a Century Ride, you do want to have the strength in

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buffalo and sweet potato tacos

Buffalo & Sweet Potato Tacos

Buffalo Meets Sweet Potatoes Both of these fillings are very easy to make and cook quickly.  You can ratchet up the heat by using more jalapenos or adding some a little more cayenne pepper or chipotle pepper.   Also, I like the dish to have a bit of sweetness with the brown sugar to contrast with the rustic buffalo flavor.  When shopping for buffalo, do not go cheap and do not go

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how to beat bloat on and off bike

How To Beat Bloat On & Off The Bicycle

by Kourtney Danielson, CINCH Cycling Many of us have experienced it before we go to zip up the aero jersey, and we look down and see a big ole’ belly. We start asking ourselves, have I missed too many training rides or had one too many beers? No, it’s not fat; it’s just bloat. Bloat can be uncomfortable and embarrassing, and it’s one of the challenges I helped Tom overcome when

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