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Colorado Cycling

The Cyclist Lifestyle

What is the “Cyclist Lifestyle?” Is there a criteria that makes you a cyclist? A test you have to take? A permit? Short answer: NO. The only “requirement” of living the lifestyle of a cyclist is owning a set of wheels that is enjoyable to ride, for YOU. This site, this page, and this publication is for you. Whether you just like to get on a bike and stroll around the block with your kids, or you are a competitive racer being coached, there is something here for you.

We will grow as the cycling culture in Colorado grows! We will aim to provide information, tips, recommendations, and interesting articles from our contributors as well as events in the area for everyone.

We are a Community of

Cycling Enthusiasts


If you own a 2 wheel apparatus, called a bike, welcome to the community. You can race, pedal, coast, or play on are part of that community that just loves to ride.

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What do you do when you are not on your bike? That is the lifestyle of a cyclist. Do you like to read or watch cycling info or do you park your bike and close the door? Do you go to restaurants that cater to cyclist? do you totally geek out like some of us and have posters and race numbers all over your garage? Do you belong to cycling clubs? That is what lifestyle is.


Every week there are great events in the world of cycling. Races, Charity Rides, Fun Rides, or just casual group rides. It is a great way to create new relationships and grow the cycling community. Sometimes putting a number on the back of your kit makes you feel like you are part of something bigger... and you are.

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