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Welcome to “Colorado Avid Cyclist”, a site for the Cycling Lifestyle.  This is a place for anyone who enjoys being on 2 wheels, no matter what age, abilities, passions, genre’ of cycling they enjoy.  We built this site to be a resource for anyone who rides a bike, as well as other outdoor fun.

Every month we highlight one business that is part of this culture we call “Cycling” that brings something new and fun to the table. This Month we are proud to feature Skratch Labs from Boulder, CO.  Below, you can read the story of how a secret recipe became a leader in sports nutrition.

This month, use the code: CACSKRATCH20 to receive 20% off of your entire order!


paleomg coffee marinated steak fajitas

PaleOMG Coffee Marinated Steak Fajitas

If you are a paleo guy or girl, and you love coffee, and love fajitas…this recipe will put you in heaven.  The prep time is short, the cook time is shorter…but let the beef marinate in that “plastic bag full of happiness” for a very long time…overnight! Props to Juli Bauer and her awesome book and site, Paleomg.  Please check it out!!  If she asks you where you heard about her from, just tell her it was that guy in the gym that bought her book…  LOL    Cheers,  INGREDIENTS For

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why do i need a coach

Do I Need a Cycling Coach?

by Gary Robinson, Colorado Avid Cyclist Why Have a Cycling Coach? Just over 5 years ago, I had to have a partial (medial) knee replacement.  Knowing my days of CrossFit were over, cycling became my fitness “drug of choice.”  My surgery was in December, and by Mid-January I was on an indoor trainer.   Once I was riding outside, I needed a goal.  I found one only a few blocks from home. 

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truth about numb hands

The Truth About Numb Hands

The Truth About Numb Hands Tom Danielson, CINCH Cycling Are you still shaking your hands out on the group rides trying to get some circulations back in those things you need to steer the bike your riding? It’s kind of tough to pull those break levers when you can’t feel your fingers, isn’t it? Yeah, we know, that’s neither a safe or pleasant experience! Don’t worry, because we’ve got you covered.

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bicycle colorado (2)

Bicycle Colorado-Celebrating Another Year of Biking Advocacy

Last year, Colorado Avid Cyclist was proud to become a supporter of Bicycle Colorado.  As we will continue that support for 2023 and beyond, we felt it important to share their celebration of what there accomplishments were in 2022, which were plenty. Take a look at this article and we hope you you will support them as well moving into 2023 Colorado Avid Cyclist ______________________________ Dec 22, 2022   by: Bicycle Colorado

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fueling off season miles cycling

Nutrition for winter cycling: how to fuel off-season miles

The days are getting shorter and the temps continue to dive down. Winter will officially start in a week but it feels like it has started for a while. Maintaining a structured training schedule can be difficult with the cold and the time limitations of daylight. As the weather worsens (yes, sorry, it will) and your training load changes as you embrace winter routines, including indoor cycling, there is something else

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jens voigt interview

Shut Up, Body! a “Tireside” Chat with Jens Voigt

A “Tireside” Chat with Jens Voigt Recently, Jens Voigt visited Campus Cycles in Denver.  Kate Agathon, was able to sit down for a 1-on-1 with Jens…enjoy!   A “Tireside” Chat with Jens Voigt by Kate Agathon -Campus Cycles The Jensie talks retirement, reflects on his professional career, professes his love for Colorado, and shares his enthusiasm for Napoleon Dynamite (2004) and Lindsey Vonn.                      Jens Voigt

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robin thurston outside

Boulder entrepreneur has built an outdoors media empire under the iconic Outside brand

By JOHN MEYER | | The Denver Post Robin Thurston’s dreams of becoming a successful professional cyclist were dashed when he crashed into the back of a team support vehicle, knocking him unconscious and leaving him with more than 100 stitches in his head. He never lost his love for outdoor adventure, though, even as he steered his innate competitiveness into becoming a successful entrepreneur. Over the past two years, he has built a

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