What Do Dads, Dirt, and Coffee Have in Common?

DirtDad Fund

Have you been on Zwift and a group of riders with “DIRT” kits rides by?  No, it’s not a group who all have a personal hygiene issues.  This is a group that has grown world wide started by our Indoor Cycling contributor, Christopher Schwenker and a group of diverse dads who love to make time for cycling around work and family. DIRT has quickly grown to not only represent dads, but all indoor cyclists.

Our philosophy is simple – enjoy each other’s company while we venture through this journey. Both on our bikes, and off our bikes. We have an active membership who participate in all facets of cycling – social rides, training rides, organized workouts and racing.

There is at least one DIRT ride every day of the week lead by the finest leaders on the virtual cycling platform Zwift.


The DIRT Dad Fund is Introduced!

The DIRT Dad Fund, Inc. is a registered charitable foundation created to support our #DIRT Brothers who need a financial Ride On! Founded by Christopher Schwenker, the committee also includes Jason Stern, Pete Butler, and Tim Busick. Mission Statement: To harness the power of “#TheDIRTEffect” in assisting to ‘take care of our own’ proud, less fortunate DADs who are experiencing life challenges that have caused financial hardship. Goal To allocate the proceeds of exclusive limited-edition DIRT merchandise sales to DIRT DADs who prove a need as determined by the DIRT DAD fund committee. You can check  out http://www.DIRTDAdFund.com for the opportunity to make a difference in the lives of our DIRT Brethren! Like and follow our FB group page @DIRTDadFund! And on Instagram @thedirtdadfund!

Whoever said that your love for cycling, and coffee can’t change the world? This coffee has a purpose. High Watt Coffee is excited to support The DIRT Dad Fund. Drink coffee and do good, what could be better than that?” We’ll post on our blog (coming soon) and Instagram our monthly donation.

Podium Finish: (Medium) Central and South American coffees blended
with an Indonesian. Approachable, with a punch. Notes of pistachio,
chocolate, and dried fruit

VO2 Max: (Dark) a blend of Indonesian and South American Coffees.
Rarely, a dark roast brings origin flavors, but this one delivers
with notes of molasses, dark chocolate, and cherry.

Domestique: (Medium) A blend of Central and South American coffees.
Aimed at being a traditional and approachable cup of coffee with notes
of toasted pecan, milk chocolate, and citrus.

15 % Grade: (Light) A blend of two Ethiopian coffees roasted lightly
for the coffee snobs out there. Notes of peach, Earl Grey, and maple

You can order any of these and support the DIRTdadFund at https://www.dirtdadfund.com/s/shop

Check this group out! Better yet, join this group on Zwift, and hop on their site at  https://thezommunique.com/ to learn more about Christopher’s mastery of Online Cycling and a great community.  We are so happy and proud to have him as a contributor to Coloradoavidcyclist.com.

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