Vint Schoenfeldt

Dr. Vint Schoenfeldt, the Founder ofvint schoenfeldt VeloCoach, has been involved in cycling for 35+ years, racing, training, and coaching. He started riding after becoming inspired by Greg Lemond’s Tour de France victories in the mid to late 1980’s. Since that time, he has raced extensively in the US and Europe.

He quickly fell in love with cycling and decided to study exercise physiology in college to specifically understand how to improve cycling performance. This study led him to earn a Doctorate degree in physiotherapy where his special research involved studying different foot positions on the pedal to affect muscle firing patterns in the lower extremities. He went on to work as a Team Physiotherapist for the US Mountain Bike Team at the World Championships.
His physiotherapist practice includes bicycle fitting as well as treating a sports/orthopedic caseload which includes cyclists.

He teaches the use of blood flow restriction nationally and implements this amazing tool into training on the bike to improve strength and gain the cardiovascular benefits that improve performance.

He is also a Certified Strength & Conditioning Specialist through the National Strength & Conditioning Association, a USA Cycling Certified Coach, and he is TrainingPeaks Level 2 Credentialed.