The Mountain Man Invitational, A Triathlon Like No Other

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The Mountain Man Invitational is a 2.4mi Swim, 100mi Bike and a 26.2mi Run Off road and above 10,000′ in elevation. There is simply nothing like it on the planet! The challenge was started by Sam Piccolotti after completing a solo in August of 2020.

And now, what was once a solo event for Sam Piccolotti, is now a competition coming this Saturday, July 16, in Leadville Colorado. 

Who shows up to Swim 2.4mi in a high alpine lake with cold temps then Rides 100mi of trails with nearly 8,000ft of elevation gain over 9,200 ft topping out at over 11,000′ only to then put on headlamps and do a Trail Marathon of 26.2mi?
Well these two warriors do!
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When I did this challenge in 2020 I never imagined I’d be standing aside such badass women wanting to take it on.
However, when you meet and learn about these two you quickly understand why!
Zoe Nance- “Hi, my name is Zoe Nance, and I like to do stupid shit.” She is a USAT Coach and the owner of Zoe Fitness and she knows her shit. She is a 3.75 time Leadville 100 MTB finisher (yes there is a reason for the .75) and had decades of podium finishes in cycling and running. “I do things a lot of other women don’t or won’t do. I have been asked, “if no one else show’s up, and you take the win, does it count?” It absolutely counts. If you’re the only one with the determination to show up, then you absolutely deserve that 1 st place finish, or QOM. I would say that it is human nature to always be the best version of ourselves. To reach for more, to
challenge ourselves.
“Be Your Ultimate Potential”.
If I can do it, I know, anyone can
Kathy Duryea – My mantra – I can, if others think I can’t. Her athletic career began at 14 yrs of age. She excelled in long distance running and completed my first marathon that same year. That was just the taste she needed. She did her first Triathlon at 5mos pregnant. She has competed in water skiing and enduro motorcycle racing among holding national titles in cycling and triathlon to just name a few sports.
The list goes on including Ironmans and Adventure Racing. And yes, she is a grandmother too!
Sometimes in life you step out of your comfort zone and the universe introduces you to things and people that remind you of how incredible this life is.
Looking forward to watching these to badasses break barriers and set new standards for human potential.

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