The Bikery at the Brewery, Where Bikes and Beer Come Together

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Bikes + Beer = The Bikery at the Brewery.

Acclaimed author Hunter S Thompson once wrote, “Good people drink good beer.”  We have it on pretty good authority that plenty of good people ride bikes as well.  So, does turning your cranks make beer taste better?  (YES.)  Does Drinking beer make cycling even more fun? (Of course, YES.)  Is it better to drink a beer before or after a ride? (Yes.)  It has been proven there is a link between pints and pedals.  Research has shown that on any given afternoon, you will find it sometimes hard to find a place to park your bike outside many local brew pubs. 

This type of research was proven to be priceless when Justin Mattison and Tony Geary considered opening a bike shop.  

 bikery at the brewery 

They wanted to be an independent bike shop offering the best in all things cycling.  They did just that, and found a great location in Littleton Colorado, in an old farm house next to Breckenridge Brewery at 2994 Brewery Lane in Littleton, Colorado.

When you are at their door, you will find the Platte River Trail  and to the left, the outdoor beer garden and tap room/restaurant of Breckenridge Brewery.  Once you are inside,  you will find a amazing selection of bikes and accessories and much more.  You will also meet owners and staff that love what they do, and it shows.  That enthusiasm for cycling has also carried over into forming their own successful cycling team/club.  

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The Bikery at the Brewery Is much more than a just a bike store.  They offer a huge selection of bikes, accessories, total repair and tune services, and bike rentals. Not to be surprised you will also find an on tap beverage based on barley and hops draft as a refresher as you walk in if you like.  


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If you are looking for a new bike, a repair, or just want to learn more about biking in general, The Bikery is the place for you. They offer a great selection of  bikes for every discipline of  cycling, Mountain, Road, and Gravel, and will meet your needs and budget with their extensive variety.   Whether you are just getting into cycling, or you are an experienced rider looking for your next bike, the wide range of bikes they carry will make your experience as easy as possible.

Bike Accessories

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If you ride a bike, no matter the type, you need accessories.  The Bikery offers a full range of bike accessories from safety protections in the form of helmets along with chains, grips, tubes, packs, hydration, and more.  Hard to find items they have in stock, include SRAM 12 speed shifter and brake sets and 12 speed mountain bike chains. They also have in stock a complete line of Shimano products, some of which are almost impossible to find locally.

Bike Repair and Tune Services

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The Bikery offers full-service bike repairs, tune-ups, and bike maintenance to keep your ride rolling smoothly.  They also offer custom builds and conversion services, so you get the bike that you want!  In addition to being a full-service suspension center, their techs can also provide custom wheel building.  There is nothing that they can not do in terms of service for the cyclist.

Bike Rentals

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Want to take a bike for a day or more? They offer 7 speed hybrid bikes to fit your needs. Their bike rental service is quick, easy, and affordable.   Whether you need to rent a bike for your kid or yourself, check them out for the best prices in town. Their location is right next to the Platter River Bike Trail offering miles of touring if that is your gig. 

Paddle Boards

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In addition to being a top-of-the-line bike shop, they also have added Paddle Boards to their menu offering Sol Paddleboards.  Sol makes high quality boards for all levels of paddle boarders. Whether you’re a beginner or a pro, there’s a board for you. Our boards are made of high-quality materials and come with everything you’ll need to get out on the water right away.


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If you tend to put your bike away for the winter, The Bikery has you covered and can help you gear up for winter recreation! Whether you’re a beginner or a pro, our products will keep you warm and dry all winter long. We offer the best snow gear in every category there is, from skies to ski gear, and everything in between.

As you will also find, they are feet away from Breckenridge Brewing, which offers a full restaurant brewhouse, as well as a beer garden that is right outside the door of the Bikery.

We encourage you to stop in and find out for yourself that when you combine bikes and beer-something magical happens. 


The Bikery at The Brewery

2994 Brewery Ln, Littleton, CO 80120


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