Man arrested in 100+ bike thefts in Aurora, Colorado

Alec Jackson was arrested after he was spotted by community members who held him down until officers arrived on scene, police said.

The Aurora Police Department (APD) said they arrested a man last week whom they think is responsible for more than 100 bicycle thefts, many of them at Stanley Marketplace.

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Alec Jackson, 27, was arrested May 5 at Stanley Marketplace, 2501 Dallas St., after community members spotted him “trying to victimize again,” according to APD.

The community members held Jackson down until officers could arrive to take him into custody, police said.

APD said they had been investigating numerous bicycle thefts from Stanley Marketplace and the surrounding area over the past several months and were unable to positively identify the person responsible.

Since last week, more people have reported their bikes stolen, and it’s believed that Jackson was responsible for more than 100 thefts, police said.

The bicycle thief was caught on surveillance images carrying a backpack. He would use bolt-cutters to cut whatever was securing a bicycle, jump on and ride away, an APD spokesman said.

Anyone whose bike was stolen from Stanley Marketplace who hasn’t reported it to police can contact Officer Knox at



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