Featured Business of the Week: NO ZERO DAYS

NoZeroDay – in the words of its founder, Sam Piccolotti. 

It’s a lifestyle.

Every day offers us the opportunity to devote some time to the focus of fitness, health and wellness.

For  over two decades I have been using the mantra of NZD to adopt a  lifestyle committed to fitness overall physical health and wellness. I had struggled with bout of depression and while listening to a self help audio tape where the author explained how endorphins are released during exercise and create a sence of well being. A few years later a friend who was hiking the Appalachian Trail.  Having spent too many “zero” days on the trail left her behind schedule  and struggling to make Mt. Katahdin before the winter snow.  It left me  contemplating my own issues with maintaining a competitive triathlon  level.  A demanding job and family commitments left little time to train  the way I had when single. I was seeing others who were spending more  time training begin to gain advantages on me. Frustration was building  and a negative focus on the time in training I didn’t have

I decided I would dedicate “some” amount of time every day to fitness.  Even if I had only minutes to spare, I would use that time. Whether I  was traveling and in a hotel room or working 12 hour days, I would do  pushups or something to “check the box”. This helped me mentally feel  like I was still in the game. The motivation built and over time I was  gaining both physically and mentally. The focus carried into nutrition  and other aspects of overall wellness. I began to read and study more  about fitness and wellness and before I knew it I had adopted a  lifestyle and daily regimen. 

Over 20 years have passed and the benefits have allowed me to reach new  fitness levels. Some beyond what I had in my twenties. I completed an  Ironman Triathlon with limited training compared to most athletes. This  wasn’t my goal but again, life stepped in and I was left managing the  health issues of a loved one and his passing. But, I had confidence in  my ability because my fitness level was overall very high even compared  to those who spent 6-8 months in a regimented race training plan. This  even further reinforced my belief that with a daily focus our limits are  unknown and even if your goals are not to compete in endurance events  but to simply lose weight and gain a feeling of fitness and overall well  being, a NZD focus can lead you on a journey to a healthier and more  fit lifestyle.

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