Groove Fountain Cycling Festival

The Hanover Time Trial is an out and back 15 Mile route. It has a few gradual rollers, but is otherwise smooth and straight forward.

The Hanover Circuit Race is a 4 mile square loop. 2 miles of hard packed dirt, and two miles of pavement. It should make for an exciting race with a few jumping off points to make the break stick. There is a couple small rises on the course, so play them right and you’ll be off the front!

The Hanover Road Race is a long 39 mile loop that has plenty of rollers. It is pavement all the way around. There is no respite from the wind on this course, so if it’s windy it could play a huge role in how the race unfolds. Race Hard!



Apr 15 - 16 2023


Colorado Springs

Location 2

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