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2024 Zwift Ride & Race Series – Sugar Cookie (24.4mi/817ft)

2024 Zwift Ride & Race Series

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Race & Ride Category Breakdown:
A: 3.2 – 5 w/kg; C:1 – 3.2 w/kg; E 1 – 5 w/kg.
Riders may race up a category, however sandbagging in a lower power category is discouraged.
Upgrades may be mandated for those who are clearly in the incorrect category. Please be sure to use
your current weight when racing. These races are for fun but cheating is always discouraged.
Categories and routes are subject to change based on participation.
Updated: 1/18/24 v2 2
Bicycle Colorado Virtual Events Communication Channels:
Zwift Club:
Zwiftpower Team:

Bicycle Colorado will not be responsible for any technical difficulties, including computer
crashes, Zwift software bugs, smart trainer disconnects, etc as are common with virtual racing.
Make sure your computer and internet connection are secure and stable for the best possible
experience. It’s recommended to hardwire (vs WiFi) your internet connection for optimal results
and make sure members of your household are not consuming extensive bandwidth while you
are racing.


Q: What is the difference between a “No Drop Ride” and a “Ride?”
A: “No Drop Rides” enables a Zwift feature that allows for individuals to ride together as long as
they’re peddling. You will not be dropped from this ride, nor can riders break away from the group’s
average pace. “Ride” will have this Feature disabled, allowing for smaller groups to form at various
Q: How do I sign up for these events?
A: Click the link for the individual race you want to join on the first page (also available in the Bicycle
Colorado Zwift Club), find your category, then click the “+” button next to your category. You will
automatically be entered, and reminded to join the event.
Q: How much is each event?
A: Free! You just need a Zwift account.
Q: Is there an overall winner? What do I get if I win?
A: There will be an overall winner for each of the three race categories: Men’s A, Men’s C, and
Women’s E. Aside from bragging rights, there will be a special prize for the winner of the series.
Check for more details to be shared via Bicycle Colorado’s email newsletter.


Feb 03 2024


8:05 am

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