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“Win your ride”  This week we are featuring CINCH Cycliing. Based in Longmont, CO, but having clients throughout the world, Tom Danielson built a coaching program that helps the cyclist do just that: Win Their Ride!

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CINCH is slang for simple.  CINCH is able to simplify the complex and deep sport of cycling into concepts and process for their clients to learn and apply to their cycling and life.  Their philosophy is to provide tools, experiences, and support to positively and profoundly impact their client’s life through the sport of cycling. 

CINCH was founded by Tom and Kourtney Danielson to be a solution designed to develop all aspects of an athlete through the 4 Pillars of FORM, Fitness, Nutrition, Execution, and Focus. Over the course of Tom Danielson’s 15-year professional cycling career, Kourtney and he worked with the leading pioneers in all aspects of sports performance. As Tom continued to develop as an athlete, they both learned that building a winning rider composition was a result of focusing on all aspects of what made an athlete elite, leaving no stone unturned in the search of building the Tour de France winning performance capabilities.

Tom and Kourtney’s pursuit of the highest level of personal progress developed into an intense coaching passion to transform all levels of athletes into a better version of themselves. Through listening to clients’ needs and finding unique solutions for hundreds of different athletes of all backgrounds and abilities, CINCH Coaching was born. The result is a complete process designed to guide athletes through a continuous journey of athletic and personal progression, with high level mentorship guiding you every step of the way.

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Tom Danielson and his team of coaches provide the most dynamic coaching experience available.  Through years of World Tour racing, and relentless data analysis Tom created three coaching programs to help all ability levels and experience to reach their personal goals in cycling.

STAGIAIRE is a self-coached, entry level program. STAGIAIRE is meant to be an introduction to what CINCH is all about. In Stagiaire athletes get access to educational video courses, and weekly workouts that sample our technique and fitness building methodology.

The ASCEND Lifestyle Program is a one-on-one coaching program that is focused around coaching you to improve in the sport of cycling while enhancing your health and the quality of your life.

The ASCEND Competition Program is a one-on-one coaching program focused on the competitive side of cycling.  They work with the client to teach you racing skills, execute racing strategies, and track performance in and out of competitions.  

Bike shop: In addition to receiving best in class coaching services CINCH also provides you with a concierge bike shop service, located in Longmont, CO. That’s right, you will have access to all the best equipment, information, custom fit, best pricing, and top service. 

Race Team: For the competitive members they offer two race programs. The premiere program is the CINCH ELITE Men’s and Women’s Pro Cycling Team. Their target is to graduate aspiring pro cyclists to this team during their CINCH journey. For those who are not interesting in becoming a pro, but want to compete as a team, they have our CINCH Racing program. This is a national team of Amateur and Master’s racers who meet up at events around the country and compete together with a unified strategy.

If you have a desire to reach your own peak performance, and achieve your personal goals, CINCH if for you.

You can check them out on their site at or reach them by phone at 970-439-2887

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