“Bike for Sale” What is the Best Way to Sell Your Bike

For whatever reason, you need to sell your bike, or one of your bikes.  You are upgrading?, no room for a 17th bike? Your significant other found out you added another?  Whatever the reason is, knowing the best, and safest way to sell a bike, especially a higher end bike, makes a big difference.  

We will try to help you not just streamline the process, but also make sure your bike is going to a new home where it will be utilized to its fullest in its next life.  

What’s My Bike Worth?

The first thing you need to do is to establish its value now.  This includes its age, condition with normal wear and tear, the age and condition of its components and parts, and if there is any damage.  Try to look at it, not through your normal eyes that see it as the love of your life, but through a buyers eyes.  You do not want to be surprised by a buyer that points out something that you should have seen, and may look like you were not being forthright about.  Have a friend, or team mate look at it for you.  

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There are few factors you need to take into account when setting a price.  These include age, condition, previous damage and repairs. Also keep in mind any work that has been done on the bike, such as carbon repairs or upgrades you have done. 

Also, research and see what bikes similar to yours have been sold for that are a similar make and model.  If you can not find any that are the same or close, go to your local bike shop and ask if they know of any, or if they would give you an honest opinion of the fair market value of your bike.  

Where is the Best Place to Sell My Bike?

First of all, the best way to sell your bicycle is word of mouth.  It is like getting or giving a personal referral.  It saves time, effort, energy, and the stress of listing it on line or other avenues.  Always try that first, and put the word out.  But if that does not work, there are other ways of selling a bike inside and outside of the cycling circle, both online and offline.

Training Facility, Velodrome, or Local Cyclist “Hang Out”

Post it on a notice board of a velodrome or cycling training facility in your area.  That does not mean in your neighborhood.  Someone in Colorado Springs that trains at the velodrome there  more then happy to purchase the right bike they see on a board if it is Denver, or even Ft. Collins.   

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There are also plenty of “food and beverage establishments” that are great as well.  There are more then a few Craft Breweries or Eateries that are not only second homes for 1 or more cycling clubs, but sponsor teams, clubs, or even cycling events as well.  105 West Brewing in Castle Rock,  The Tune Up in Boulder, Westfax Brewing in Denver and Bikery at the Brewery in Englewood are just a few  If you are in Colorado Springs, Red Leg Brewing is the second home to many cyclists, bike teams, and clubs.  Criterium bike shop has set up a shop on their site as well.  They also host several cycling events throughout the riding season that has a lot of eyes.  

There are brewery tours throughout the metro area that cyclists visit these weekly as part of their ride.  Make sure you get permission before you post your flyer or card.

Cycling Event or Race 

You have a captive audience at either of these, and it will be seen by other cyclists.  Bring it along and pop a for sale sign on it so it can be seen before the event, during between starts, and after when people are consuming a beverage or snack.  

People will see it and immediately know if they are interested or not. It also saves you time of dealing with those on line that make ridiculous offers and waste your time. 

Facebook Bicycle Selling Groups

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Facebook has become a mecca for online selling groups and marketplaces.  It is a great place to sell a bike, and network that sale.  There are open and closed groups that you can join that are specifically created to buy and sell bikes and components.  There are many that are geographically specific to areas, as well as those have no geographic boundaries.  Members of these groups include riders of all ages, types, and skill levels.  


Probably your least attractive, and riskiest place to go.  I am sure I do not have to recap how many scams, frauds, and dangerous situations have come from this marketplace.  There is really no way to filter who sees your ad, so you will get “anyone” to reply no matter what their motives.  

Safety First

No matter which avenue you choose to sell your bicycle, if you do not know the buyer, be safe.  When meeting for a test drive or to exchange money for your bike, meet in a very safe and public place.  DO NOT USE YOUR HOME for this.  There are many better choices to make this sale.  For instance, in Castle Rock, there is an exchange area at the Douglas County Sheriff’s office and Court House that is designated for on line exchanges, with lights and cameras.  Another option is a public place where you frequent, and know people there.  If the buyer is reluctant to meet at one of these or another place of your choosing…walk away.  

Second Hand Bike Shops or Technicians

There are several businesses that are around Colorado that buy, fix up, and sell used bikes.  Some are focused on classic or vintage, and others are high end bikes, or a broad range of cycles.   One such resource is I Know a Guy Bicycles who specializes in road bikes by “buying them, refurbishing them, and finding the perfect home for them.” 

Donating your Bicycle

bicycles for humanity

If you have a bike that you are just trying to get ride of to make space, and may not be worth your time to sell, then donating it might be a great option.  Make sure, where-ever you choose to donate is a reputable charity, a 501-C, that is really benefitting the end user.  I like to work with one that I know where specifically the bike is going to.  I like to be engaged with charities like that.  Bicycles 4 Humanity is one such charity in Denver, Co.   

In Closing

Parting with a bike can be sad…its family.  Make sure it finds a good home and you feel good about your decision of where its second home is. 


by: Gary Robinson – publisher, Colorado Avid Cyclist

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