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Welcome to “Colorado Avid Cyclist”, a site for the Cycling Lifestyle.  This is a place for anyone who enjoys being on 2 wheels, no matter what age, abilities, passions, genre’ of cycling they enjoy.  We built this site to be a resource for anyone who rides a bike, as well as other outdoor fun.

Every month we highlight one business that is part of this culture we call “Cycling” that brings something new and fun to the table.   This Month it is The Bikery at the Brewery.  Check out what they have to offer…Bikes, Paddleboards, and so much more!

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cross training sports for cycling (2)

Cross Training Sports for Cycling

5 Most Useful Cross-Training Sports for Cycling There are so many reasons to cross-train. It’s a great injury prevention tool. It’s great for conditioning your core, upper body, and increasing balance, endurance, and power. It gives your body time to properly recover. Unless you are a professional or totally training sport specific, cross-training allows for just great general fitness.  After a Century Ride, you do want to have the strength in your arms to hold a pint

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buffalo and sweet potato tacos

Buffalo & Sweet Potato Tacos

Buffalo Meets Sweet Potatoes Both of these fillings are very easy to make and cook quickly.  You can ratchet up the heat by using more jalapenos or adding some a little more cayenne pepper or chipotle pepper.   Also, I like the dish to have a bit of sweetness with the brown sugar to contrast with the rustic buffalo flavor.  When shopping for buffalo, do not go cheap and do not go

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how to beat bloat on and off bike

How To Beat Bloat On & Off The Bicycle

by Kourtney Danielson, CINCH Cycling Many of us have experienced it before we go to zip up the aero jersey, and we look down and see a big ole’ belly. We start asking ourselves, have I missed too many training rides or had one too many beers? No, it’s not fat; it’s just bloat. Bloat can be uncomfortable and embarrassing, and it’s one of the challenges I helped Tom overcome when

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littleton twilight criterium (1)

The Littleton Twilight Criterium brings Pro Cycling back to Downtown Littleton on Aug 6

The Littleton Twilight Criterium bike race returns to Downtown Littleton on Saturday, Aug. 6, bringing professional bicyclists from around the country for high-speed races on a tight course through downtown Littleton. The race is the eighth stop in the 10-race American Criterium Cup series, a new national criterium series formed in collaboration with USA Cycling. The American Crit Cup series has a cash prize of $100,000 split equally between the men

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silence the voices of self doubt (1)

How to Silence the Voices of Self-Doubt

By: Tom Danielson, CINCH Cycling July 21, 2022 Do you ever succumb to the voices of self-doubt that creep in during the tough moments? Well you are not alone, so do I.  In this blog I share a strategy I use in my coaching program to help athletes silence these voices and hit their goals. So how do you stop the voices of doubt: One way communication once the interval or race

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ryan muncy bob cook memorial hill climb

Bob Cook Memorial Hill Climb – Through the Lens of Ryan Muncy

The 2022 Bob Cook Memorial  Hill Climb this past weekend did not disappoint,  and neither did the photography of Ryan Muncy, who has been capturing ride and race images for years.  Check out all of his work and the images of the Hill Climb at Ryan Muncy Photography Related Posts Let’s do this Check out upcoming events cycling event Calendar

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colorado bike law

What To Do in Case of a Crash

What to do in the case of a crash by: Bicycle Colorado We all hope we won’t get into a crash. Until and unless the safety status quo on our streets changes, there is a chance that some of us will be hit and injured. With the wish that this never happens to you, we wanted to provide important advice for what to do if you or a loved one is in

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